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We are revamping our Brass offerings here, we have many horns on the bench, including several Olds, Kings, Conns. See the On The Wall section at the end of this page, and feel free to inquire.

Olds STUDIO Trumpet, L.A., 1950's

An Olds Studio Trumpet. Serial # 101,XXX ~ puts this someplace in the early 50's, according to online Olds serial number lists, which are really a bit underwhelming. Engraved: "Studio Model - FE Olds and Son - Los Angeles, CA".

This was one of their top-shelfers...a legendary model (although you probably already know that if you landed here). Original lacquer is perhaps 25%. The plating on bell and slides, etc. is around 75%. Some typical scratches & spotting to the finish, as is usual on a 60+ year old horn. Horn has been completely refurbished and serviced: chem bathed, hand polished, significant dents and dings removed (although she had no dramatic sorta damage to begin with, just your typical vintage trumpet wear and tear). We did some resolders of a few braces, cleanly and professionally done.

Valve plating is around 80%. Compression is good. All spit valves are functioning well. Leadpipe, bellpiece, crook, and slide tubes all in good shape. Bell is in good geometry. The engraving in spots is a bit faint. It wasn't buffed, it is likely just due to the long-absence of lacq at the engraving area. The horn speaks up and down nicely, with that signature vintage Olds tone - dark, warm, and wide.



Olds PINTO Trumpet, Fullerton, 1972

This is a pretty cool model which had a relatively short run. An Olds Pinto, in excellent shape.

Original lacquer 75-80%, valve plating 80%. No dents or significant dings, tuning slides move freely, leadpipe in good shape, spit valves in good shape. Some minor scratching and a bit of spotting here and there, typical stuff for 40+ year old lacquer. But all in all, she is a good-looking horn.

This was an interesting horn in concept. It was called a 'modular' Trumpet. The 3 valves are interchangeable, and the main braces, rather than being solely soldered on, actually have small nuts which can be rotated to disassemble the leadpipe from valve casings and bellpiece/crook. Not necessarily much necessity to actually DO that (we didn't), but an interesting idea. Out of the factory these even came with their own mini-wrench, although this horn doesn't have that particular piece with it any longer.

Possessing that nice, smooth, vintage Olds tone, this horn is nicely balanced, sonically. Valve action is great, compression is good, tuning slides are fee-moving. A nice one to have in your stable. Comes with unoriginal case in good structural, fair aesthetic condition.



Besson (by Kanstul, USA) Model 609 Trumpet

This here is one of our favorite contemporary Trumpets. We always try to keep a few in stock. This is a USA-made Besson 609, manufactured by Kanstul.

The thing we love about these is that they are VERY free blowing and responsive, and actually possess a lot of roundness and width to their sound. In a sense, a significantly wider and darker sounding horn than its asian contemporary counterparts.

Lacquer is about 80%. Body is in good shape, we did have to do a couple of brace resolders and the bell has a tad of lacquer crazing where we did some minor dent rollouts; so perhaps not the most spotless 609, but she has been completely serviced: chem-bathed then hand-polished, lubed, significant dents removed. A few very miniscule dings here and there; but really, in mentioning both these aesthetic things, we are being very picky. All in all, a horn in good shape blows very freely Valve plating also around 85%; all slides are free, valve action is smooth.

Several pros we know actually use these 609's as backup horns, they are that good.



Kuhnl & Hoyer Trumpet, Germany, unengraved, c. 1960's (?)

K & H....a household name. OK, maybe not, but this German manufacturer has been around since 1948 and still produce well-reviewed brass instruments today. We have come across several of these, and indeed found them to be very well-made and quite nice players.

Quality, heavy build, two-tone Brass/Nickel, the horn is in great playing shape. Compression is good, slides are good. Nicely balanced, tonally. This Trumpet has a very nice 'cut' to it, while maintaining more width and lushness than a post '70's horn....A good choice for someone seeking a dark-toned horn but with enough 'cut' to work in a variety of musical contexts.

Lacquer 75% and nary a sign of body damage beyond a few minor ding repairs done quite professionally. Triangular K & H stamp is on the second valve casing. Interestingly, there is no other name engraved on it anywhere (K&H's were often stenciled).



Oxford Trombone, c. 1970's, Boosey & Hawkes, England

A very solid and nice playing 'Bone from across the pond. This may or may not have come from the Besson, England factory, actually, since Boosey had a relationship with them. Original lacquer 75%+, horn is all around attractive, some lacquer wear and minor spotting on the slide.

Inner slide has a tad of plating loss on the stocking - ask for pics, please. It isn't major, isn't down to brass. We straightened both inner and outer slides and her action is nice and smooth. Sweet sounding, dark-toned, lush horn. Comes with unoriginal case in decent shape.



Olds Ambassador Trombone, 1950, Fullerton

This is a nice old trombone which was apparently a workhorse when it came here. We gave her our usual whole 9 yards: chem bathed, hand polished, dings and dents removed, slide trued, water key cork replaced. The result is it’s in good playing shape. No Prom Queen, however

Original lacquer is around 65%, some patches of lacquer were lost on bell throat and back of bell due to rolling out some dents. Fair amount of spotting and some scratches here and there. Also, we took care of the important body geometry issues, but she does still sport some insignificant dings here & there. All in all, a solid player - her slide is nice and free, tuning slide smooth, water key tight. Contact us for more pics. She may not be a beauty queen, but she sure is very smooth-playing old ‘bone.

A Classic ol' American model, from the high-point of Olds production.



These horns are not quite worked up yet, but if any interest you, let us know and we can arrange to have it ready for you.


1950's Olds Special Trombone


1980's CONN 1000B "Doc Severinsen" Trumpet


1960's Olds Ambassador Trumpet


1970's King Cleveland 605 Trombone


1960's Conn Director Trombone



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