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Vintage Rogers Holiday 4-pc Drum Set, c. 1961-’62

This is one of those RARE ones. An original Mardi-Gras wrapped Rogers Holiday, Cleveland kit !

20” Bass/12” Rack tom/16” Floor tom (the typical Rogers 20 configuration). The 14” snare drum is actually an English Rogers of the same era, in matching wrap.

This kit is in very good condition ! Wrap shows scratching, a few nicks, and some ‘rash’ at the rack tom....but all in all it shows very well. The lugs are B & B’s, and actually....on the 3 pieces the original batter side lugs (all cracked) have been replaced with JP Creations steel/chromed reproductions....extremely well-made repros which are way stronger than the originals. The lug springs, inserts, and mounting screws are original...it is just the casings which are the repros. The resonant side lugs (none cracked) have been strengthened on their interiors using a method from the Rogers Owners Forum. As old B & B’s are infamous for their likelihood of cracking, in order to make this drum set playable without babying it, we felt this was the best solution.

All hardware is original to the kit with the exception of the upper portion of the cymbal arm, which is an MIJ piece.

Fantastic sounding kit. Old Rogers were reputed for their sound. Warm and woody like their Slingerland and Ludwig counterparts, the sharper edge treatment on Rogers gave them more punch and attack than their 2 main competitors.

Please note that Mardi Gras kits usually had a silver sparkle inlay in the bass hoops, while this one has red. For an additional $20, we can switch out the red for silver.

Mardi Gras is the rarest of Rogers wraps. Very few of these were made...and even fewer managed to survive to the present.



Vintage 1960’s Whitehall (by Pearl) 5-pc.
Drum Kit

Whitehall was one of the very many stencil names used by Pearl in the ‘60’s. This kit is in the VERY rare Tiger’s Eye wrap (often mistakenly referred to as Root Beer Swirl).

6-ply Luan shells with grey painted interiors. This kit is in very, very good shape. every piece of hardware is original, with the exception of about 1/3 of the lug mounting screws which were replaced due to the existing ones showing some rust.

The bass head logo is a spot-on reproduction created by Dave Fender Custom Vinyl.

The snare drum is not original to the kit. this kit was usually outfitted with a 10-lug chrome/steel snare. We were fortunate enough to find an orphan wood 6-lugger Tiger’s Eye snare elsewhere. The snare sports the slightly later Whitehall oval “sticker” badge, while the rest of the kit has the more typical rectangular badges. original Floor tom legs are straight (gotta luv those !).

This kit has a rack tom mount system which can be altered to utilize just a single tom. The arms are the very wonderful “Japanese Swivomatic” style arms.

The double-round bearing edges are original profile which have been sanded just a tad to create a more uniform edge. For an additional $65, we can recut the batter-side edges to a 45-degree interior, round exterior profile...which will result in the kit being punchier sounding than it currently is.  As original, the sound is woody and sharp on the attack and quick on the decay.

Nice old MIJ kit in a very sought-after finish!


1960’s Lido Supreme
(Pearl or Star/Tama stencil) Snare Drum

This is a hecka cool old Japanese snare drum in great condition ! Beautiful black/white onyx/agate wrap which has aged very nicely. Chrome is in good shape...a bit of pitting here and there but all in all, about a 7 outta 10. Throwoff operates fine. Has an internal muffler (why did drums do away with those come the ‘70’s....IMHO, they are a necessity !)

This drum has had it’s original factory, rounded edges recut to a sharper 45-degree inside bevel to increase the attack and ‘snap’ of the drum. Thanks to the thin-ply shell, she still retains a nice, old-school woody resonance, too.


Japanese ‘60’s Snare Drum, Burgundy Oyster

Either made by Pearl or Tama/Star, this snare drum appears never to have been badged. Slingy-style lugs and ‘sticksaver’ hoops, she is solidly built. Bearing edges have been recut to create a sharper beveled edge than the stock edge it used to have. This results in a crisper ‘pop’ and attack to the drum.

Very rare wrap color...the Japanese oysters were really awesome, and they are not available as reproductions today. This finish is full of colors....maroon, white, silver, brown, and grey hues playing off of each other. Stunning. And a good sounding snare drum, to boot!


Leedy & Ludwig 1950’s Conical
Floor Tom Tom

OK...to this day we still have not a clue as to exactly what context this drum was intended for. Best-sounding guess seems to be some sort of orchestral tom (?). Anyway...very interesting drum. 24” tall and conical. The head is 14”...the opposite (open bottom) side has a 12” diameter. lacquered maple appears to be the original finish. The interior is painted black.

Original wide and rounded bearing edges. Thin-ply shell with reinforcing rings. All hardware is nickel. Single flange hoop w/ claws. The legs and leg brackets are showing rust, but they are not beyond cleaning up nicely.

A cool piece of history, in pretty good shape.


22” K. Zildjian Old Stamp Type IV Ride Cymbal

2500g of perfection. Signature still visible, no issues whatsoever.


A. Zildjian Transition-Stamp
24” Ride Cymbal
SOLD !!!!!!

Rare to begin with just for it’s size and era..the beauty of this ride cymbal (besides the fact that it’s in great shape) is that it is a 24” which actually sounds GOOD. Very nice stick, wide wash, dark overtones. A beautiful Jazzy ride cymbal with that classic Zildjian coffee-patina.


A. Zildjian Transition Stamp
16” Sizzle Cymbal

Weighing in at 990g (and that includes the 3 factory rivets !!!) this is a hecka thin 16”-er. In perfect shape, she makes a good small Jazz ride and an interetsing crash as well. beautiful “ribbon” style hammering. A handmade gem!


Istanbul Pre-Split
20” Flat Ride Cymbal

A Pre-Split Flat Ride best described as a Turk-type cymbal with lathing on top. 2970g. Very clean, dry and woody stick, great for Jazz patterns. Logos and signatures still strong.


Istanbul Pre-Split
20” Vezir Ride Cymbal
SOLD !!!

A Pre-Split Vezir Ride of Medium weight. This cymbal is hand hammered top and bottom and lathed on top, no lathing on bottom. Nice woody stick with tons of that great Turkish wash underneath. Trashy, but doesn't wash out and stick patterns settle in nicely. Logos and signatures still strong.


Tosco (Italy) 20" Medium Ride Cymbal

Well, afer saying how much we liked Sabian....one of the things they did which we most certainly DIDN'T like was to buy the teetering Tosco, Italy cymbal company in the early 80's ~ and proceed to make 'em disappear. (They even took the remaining stock lying around the factory and stamped "by Sabian" in red ink beneath the already-printed Tosco logo). Tosco was one of the BIG Italian makers...and their stuff was quite good. Unfortunately...Sabian bought 'em out, shut 'em down....and then (as if to add insult to injury) they used the name for a budget line of their own cymbals. So...even today....the name Tosco carries with it connotations of cheap cymbals....

That's too bad, because Italian Toscos are fine, fine old B20's. Hand-cast, hand-made gems.

This one is a nice all-purpose medium ride. Good stick, some nice wash beneath. Could serve well in a number of contexts..jazz, Blues, Rock, etc....


Ajaha (UFIP) 22” medium Ride,
New Old Stock !!!

We penned an article on Ajaha about 6 years ago on Wikipedia. Amazingly, it has managed to survive the Wiki-Pimply-Tennage-Geeks-With-No-Real-Life-Gestapo over there, all this time.

This is one of the last-produced Ajahas, the stencil-stamped signature ones made at UFIP c. 1970’s. B20, hand-hammered....just beautiful.

This is an NOS cymbal....was found in the back room of a music shop back East which had closed it’s doors permanently. In phenomenal condition. This is a great ride cymbal. hevay near the bell and thin at the edges. Posesses a nice stick but also lush wash...and the cymbal doesn’t wash out. Once you lay into her, she just settles in and goes.....


Zilco (by A. Zildjian) 15” ‘50’s
Thin Hi-Hat Cymbals
SOLD !!!

Zilco was a name given to a line of cymbals made and sold by A. Zildjian in the ‘40’s-50’s. These are not to be confused with the later, budget line Zilco by Azco cymbals produced by Zildjian in the 70’s. The later cymbals showed no signs of handcraft.

But these earlier Zilcos were B20, handmade cymbals. Hand lathed, hand and machine hammered. Most I have seen tended to be on the light side, thus very good Jazz cymbals. This is a pair of light hi-hats, 15” in excellent shape. Losta ‘kshhhh’ and slosh, and at 15” they have good volume.


Alejian (A.Zildjian) 13-1/2””
medium hi-Hats, c. 1950’s

The cymbals which Zildjian made as the stock cymbals for Slingerland fom the ‘40’s-’60’s ...were stamped Alejian.

These, like the early Zilcos, are excellent B20 cymbals which. Interesting diameters which show no sign whatsoever of being altered post-factory. This set of hat’s is medium-weight, actually heavier than the usual Alejians of that period. They produce a clean chick sound with some narrow sizzle in the midrange. Crisp-sounding stick and very focused, not sloshy.

In good shape...some scratches, some tiny fleabites along the edge...but nothing of consequence.



All of these drums are scheduled to be renovated and listed. However, at this point, no wrap colors have been chosen for them. So if any interest you, we can do a custom re-wrap job and even outfit 'em with hardware and heads of your choosing.


5-1/2"x14" '60's Slingerland Mahogany Snare, 8-lug, 3-ply


20/12/15 Rogers Cleveland set w/ beavertails & swivo hardware.


Slingerland 12x16 Bass/ 8x12 Rack/12x15 Floor ‘60’s shells.


Duplex 1960’s WMP 20/12/14 snare....12x15 Rogers shell (exact same shell as this kit) in a custom-matched antique WMP can complete this kit very nicely.


Ludwig 22/12/16 Keystone Badge, 3-ply mahogany shells.


Rogers Fullerton 22/13/15 with beavertails & swivo hardware.



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