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Ordering Policies
When you come upon an instrument which interests you, please use the contact form, and we can send you more pics and information.
When you have decided on an instrument, contact us with your email & mailing address and we shall send you an invoice. We will ship within 5 business days of receipt of payment; (this allows adequate time to give your new axe the once-over before we pack ‘er up). PayPal, US Postal money orders, United States bank cashiers checks, or US or Canadian personal checks are accepted (please note that personal checks will require a 10 business-day clearing period before the item is shipped).
We ship either UPS, US Postal Priority Mail Domestic, or US Postal Priority Mail International. Certain shipments may require an expedited shipping process. It has been our experience that the less amount of time an instrument spends in transit, the better. All shipments will be insured.
We will ship anywhere in the world, but please be advised that we are not responsible for customs or import fees/duties which your particular country of residence may place on the shipment. We also have no control over the amount of time a parcel may spend in your country's customs station before being released for delivery. Also be advised that certain instruments are simply too large to be shipped to certain places for a reasonable shipping fee. Please discuss this with us during the ordering process.
We do not skimp on the packaging.
Our return policy is quite simple. If the instrument was damaged in transit, or arrives in a physical/functional condition not as described, send it back within 3 business days and a full refund of transaction amount will be sent to you within 10 business days of receiving the instrument back. In certain instances we may consider a partial refund for adjustments/servicing to be done locally, on your end. This is case-by-case.
Our goal is to stand behind what we sell . We want you, our customer, to be happy with your purchase and confident about the transaction.
Alternative transaction Venues.
If you prefer, we can transact via an eBay auction with a “Buy Now” price. Be advised that a 15% surcharge will be added to the total price (item plus s/h) to cover eBay sales & listing fees, etc. We can also list and transact via Reverb.com, in which instance a 5% additional fee will be charged to cover Reverb fees.
Sales Tax
As Oregon has no sales tax, there is no sales tax charged for any of our instruments.
Local Pick up or Delivery can be arranged.



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